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12006Biodegradation of lipid-rich waste water by combination of microwave irradiation and lipase immobilized on chitosanSaifuddin, N. ; Chua, K.H. 
22017Capacitive and inductive line reactance for network reconfigurationSaifuddin, A.S. ; Kamil, K. ; Hashim, H. ; Radhakrishnan, R. 
32013Carbon nanotubes: A review on structure and their interaction with proteinsSaifuddin, N. ; Raziah, A.Z. ; Junizah, A.R. 
42011Chitosan-silver nanoparticles composite as point-of-use drinking water filtration system for household to remove pesticides in waterSaifuddin, N. ; Nian, C.Y. ; Zhan, L.W. ; Ning, K.X. 
52016A comprehensive review on power flow controller devices in transmission lineSaifuddin, A.S. ; Kamil, K. ; Hashim, H. 
62008Enhancement of lipase enzyme activity in non-aqueous media through a rapid three phase partitioning and microwave irradiationSaifuddin, N. ; Raziah, A.Z. 
72011Heat-modeling of microwave assisted epoxidation of palm acid oilSaifuddin, N. ; Zhan, L.W. ; Ning, K.X. 
82012Immobilization of saccharomyces cerevisiae onto cross-linked chitosan coated with magnetic nanoparticles for adsorption of uranium (VI) ionsSaifuddin, N. ; Dinara, S. 
92016Improving electricity supply in Nigeria-potential for renewable energy from biomassSaifuddin, N. ; Bello, S. ; Fatihah, S. ; Vigna, K.R. 
102011Microwave assisted bioethanol production from sago starch by co-culturing of ragi tapai and saccharomyces cerevisiaeSaifuddin, N. ; Hussain, R. 
112011Microwave enhanced synthesis of chitosan-graft-polyacrylamide molecular imprinting polymer for selective removal of 17β-estradiol at trace concentrationSaifuddin, N. ; Nur, Y.A.A. ; Abdullah, S.F. 
122010Microwave enhanced synthesis of chitosan-graft-polyacrylamide molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) for selective extraction of antioxidantsSaifuddin, N. ; Yasumira, A.A.N. 
132016Microwave-assisted co-pyrolysis of Bamboo biomass with plastic waste for hydrogen-rich syngas productionSaifuddin, N. ; Priatharsini, P. ; Hakim, S.B. 
142015Optimization of fermentation parameters for bioethanol production from waste glycerol by microwave induced mutant Escherichia coliSaifuddin, N. ; Refal, H. 
152017Optimization of hydrogen production process by response surface methodologySaifuddin, N. ; Priatharsini, P. ; Ong, M.Y. 
162016Optimization of photosynthetic hydrogen gas production by green alga in sulfur deprived conditionSaifuddin, N. ; Ong, M.Y. ; Priatharsini, P. 
172017Performance and emission characteristics of micro gas turbine engine fuelled with bioethanol-diesel-biodiesel blendsSaifuddin, N. ; Refal, H. ; Kumaran, P. 
182014Potential of microalgae Tetraselmis Chuii as feedstock for biodiesel applicationKumaran, P. ; Saifuddin, N. ; Janarthanan, S. 
192011Pretreatment of palm oil mill effluent (pome) using magnetic chitosanSaifuddin, N. ; Dinara, S. 
202016The Production of Biodiesel and Bio-kerosene from Coconut Oil Using Microwave Assisted ReactionSaifuddin, N. ; Siti Fazlili, A. ; Kumaran, P. ; Pei-Jua, N. ; Priathashini, P. 

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Saifuddin M. Nomanbhay Prof. Dr.
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Saifuddin, N.
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