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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012The protectiveness of thermally grown oxides on cold sprayed CoNiCrAlY bond coat in thermal barrier coatingManap, A. ; Nakano, A. ; Ogawa, K. 
22015New vehicle bumper design for pedestrian protection during impactSamaka, H. ; Manap, A. ; Tarlochan, F. 
32013Modified combustion synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles using renewable fuelShah, N.N.H. ; Misran, H. ; Razak, N.A.A. ; Salim, M.A. ; Othman, S.Z. ; Manap, A. 
42011Computer simulation of cold sprayed deposition using smoothed particle hydrodynamicsManap, A. ; Okabe, T. ; Ogawa, K. 

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Credit Name
Abreeza Noorlina Abd. Manap
Full Name
Manap, A.
Vernacular Name
Abreeza Noorlina Abd. Manap
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