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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A dynamic measurement of agent autonomy in the layered adjustable autonomy modelMostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Annamalai, M. ; Mustapha, A. 
22013A layered adjustable autonomy approach for dynamic autonomy distributionMostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Annamalai, M. ; Ahmad, A. ; Basheer, G.S. 
32014A novel conflict resolution strategy in multi-agent systems: Concept and modelBasheer, G.S. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mohd. Yusoff, M.Z. ; Mostafa, S.A. 
42013Agent-based simulation in a normative environment using the EPMP domainHamid, N.H.A. ; Ahmad, A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A. Y. C. ; Mustapha, A. 
52014An approach to norms assimilation in normative multi-agent systemsMahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Mustapha, A. ; Hamid, N.H.A. 
62016An autonomy viability assessment matrix for agent-based autonomous systemsMostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Annamalai, M. ; Gunasekaran, S.S. 
72013Building norms-adaptable agents from Potential Norms Detection Technique (PNDT)Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mustapha, A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Hamid, N.H.A. 
82015Burner tilting angle effect on velocity profile in 700 MW utility boilerMunisamy, K.M. ; Yusoff, M.Z. ; Thangaraju, S.K. ; Hassan, H. ; Ahmad, A. 
92015A comparative study on it outsourcing models for Malaysian SMEs e-business transformationSabri, S.M. ; Sulaiman, R. ; Ahmad, A. ; Tang, A.Y.C. 
102015Formulating dynamic agents’ operational state via situation awareness assessmentMostafa, S.A. ; Sharifuddin Ahmad, M. ; Annamalai, M. ; Ahmad, A. ; Gunasekaran, S.S. 
112017A generic agent-based dynamic process simulation framework: A self-adaptive modelling approachLoo, Y.L. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mustapha, A. 
122015Operational rules for implementing sincere software agents in corrective and preventive actions environmentJaafar, N.H. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. 
132017A pattern-based password authentication scheme for minimizing shoulder surfing attackAwang, M.I. ; Mohamed, M.A. ; Mohamed, R.R. ; Ahmad, A. ; Rawi, N.A. 
142011Resolving conflicts between personal and normative goals in normative agent systemsAhmad, A. ; Zaliman, M. ; Yusof, M. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmed, M. ; Mustapha, A. 
152016Software analysis for Agents of Things (AoT) applicationsMzahm, A.M. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Ahmad, A. 
162016A software-hardware optimizer model for optimized design of things in Agents of ThingsMzahm, A.M. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Ahmad, A. 
172016Towards a self-adaptive agent-based simulation modelLoo, Y.L. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mustapha, A. 

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Azhana Ahmad Dr.
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Ahmad, A.
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