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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008An investigation of the association between corporate governance and environmental reporting in MalaysiaBuniamin, S. ; Alrazi, B. ; Johari, N.H. ; Abd Rahman, N.R. 
22011Corporate governance practices and environmental reporting of companies in Malaysia: Finding possibilities of double thumbs upBuniamin, S. ; Alrazi, B. ; Johari, N.H. ; Abd Rahman, N.R. 
32009The influence of board independence, competency and ownership on earnings management in MalaysiaJohari, N.H. ; Saleh, N.M. ; Jaffar, R. ; Hassan, M.S. 
42013Key indicators towards the implementation of green government procurement in MalaysiaMusa, N.D. ; Buniamin, S. ; Johari, N.H. ; Ahmad, N. ; Rauf, F.H.A. ; Rashid, A.A. 

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Nor Hasimah Johari
Full Name
Johari, N.H.
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