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12006TCAD Simulation of STI stress effect on active length for 130nm technologyAhmad, W.R.W. ; Kordesch, A.V. ; Ahmad, I. ; Yew, P.T.B. 
22006TCAD simulation of local mechanical stress reduction by use of a compressive silicon nitride/silicon oxynitride etch stop bi-layer for CMOS performance enhancementAhmad, W.R.W. ; Kordesch, A.V. ; Ahmad, I. ; Chew, S.A. ; Yew, P.T.B. 
32008Improved series resistance model for CMOS ESD diodesKamal, N.B. ; Kordesch, A.V. ; Ahmad, I.B. 

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Kordesch, A.V.
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