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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Arc flash assessment on photovoltaic grid connected systemYahaya, J.A.F. ; Mansor, M. 
22002Classification of PD patterns in XLPE cables under various soil conditions using statistical techniqueMansor, M. ; Ghani, A.B.A. ; Ghosh, P.S. 
32013Current control loop of 3-phase grid-connected inverterJabbar, A.F. ; Mansor, M. 
42018Current control scheme for unbalanced current distribution in a four-phase converterYahaya, J.A.F. ; Mansor, M. 
52015Design tri-band rectangular patch antenna for Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and WLAN in military band applications with radiation pattern suppressionKhaleel, A.D. ; Rahem, A.A.-R.T. ; Bin Mansor, M.F. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. 
62014Development of fuzzy logic controller for DC-DC converter in electric vehicleSaripudin, M. ; Mansor, M. 
72017Digital current sensing in modular multilevel converter for HVDC applicationsYahaya, J.A. ; Mansor, M. ; Hadi, A. 
82017An efficient control implementation for inverter based harmony search algorithmNajeeb, M. ; Daniyal, H. ; Razali, R. ; Bin Mansor, M. 
92017Experimental implementation controlled SPWM inverter based harmony search algorithmNajeeb, M. ; Mansor, M. ; Razali, R. ; Daniyal, H. ; Yahaya, J.A.F. 
102014Hybrid diesel/PV system sizing and cost estimationBelhamadia, A. ; Mansor, M. ; Younis, M. 
112018Improvement of speed response in four-phase DC-DC converter switching using two shunt voltage-sourceYahaya, J.A. ; Mansor, M. ; Sulaiman, S. 
122017An intelligent voltage controller for a PV inverter system using simulated annealing algorithm-based PI tuning approachNajeeb, M. ; Razali, R. ; Daniyal, H. ; Mahmood, A. ; Mansor, M. 
132016Model predictive control for current balancing in a four-phase buck converterYahaya, J.A.F. ; Mansor, M. 
142011New detection of voltage sag based on phase angle analysisMansor, M. ; Rahim, N.A. 
152010New voltage sag detection based on phase angle analysis for the new topology of voltage sag compensatorRahim, N.A. ; Mansor, M. 
162017An optimal LFC in two-area power systems using a meta-heuristic optimization algorithmNajeeb, M. ; Mansor, M. ; Feyad, H. ; Taha, E. ; Abdullah, G. 
172002Partial discharge pattern analysis using statistical technique in XLPE cable under various soil conditionsMansor, M. ; Ghani, A.B.A. ; Ghosh, P.S. 
182012Phase Angle Analysis for Three-Phase PWM-Switched Autotransformer Voltage-Sag CompensatorMansor, M. ; Rahim, N.A. 
192014A study on wind and solar energy potentials in MalaysiaBelhamadia, A. ; Mansor, M. ; Younis, M.A. 
202011Three phase control for PWM-switchedautotransformer voltage-SAG compensator based on phase angle analysisMansor, M. ; Rahim, N.A. 

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Credit Name
Muhamad Mansor Assoc. Prof. Dr.
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Bin Mansor, M.F.
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