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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015The eye as a new side channel threat on smartphonesAl-Haiqi, A. ; Ismail, M. ; Nordin, R. 
22010Message from the technical program chairsIsmail, M. ; Jamaludin, Md.Z. 
32013Keystrokes inference attack on android: A comparative evaluation of sensors and their fusionAl-Haiqi, A. ; Ismail, M. ; Nordin, R. 
42013Insider Threats+Disruptive Smart Phone Technology = New Challenges to Corporate SecurityAl-Haiqi, A. ; Jumari, K. ; Ismail, M. 
52014Cooperative communication system based on convolutional code CDMA techniquesFadhil, M. ; Ismail, M. ; Saif, A. ; Othman, N.S. ; Khaleel, M. 
62014A New Sensors-Based Covert Channel on AndroidAl-Haiqi, A. ; Ismail, M. ; Nordin, R. 

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