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12018Applications of landsat-8 data: A SurveyRidwan, M.A. ; Radzi, N.A.M. ; Ahmad, W.S.H.M.W. ; Mustafa, I.S. ; Din, N.M. ; Jalil, Y.E. ; Isa, A.M. ; Othman, N.S. ; Zaki, W.M.D.W. 
22018Efficient Deployment of Multi-UAVs in Massively Crowded EventsSawalmeh, A. ; Othman, N.S. ; Shakhatreh, H. 
32017Impact of urbanization growth on Malaysia CO2 emissions: Evidence from the dynamic relationshipBekhet, H.A. ; Othman, N.S. 
42018Maximizing indoor wireless coverage using UAVs equipped with directional antennasShakhatreh, H. ; Khreishah, A. ; Othman, N.S. ; Sawalmeh, A. 
52018Providing wireless coverage in massively crowded events using UAVsSawalmeh, A. ; Othman, N.S. ; Shakhatreh, H. ; Khreishah, A. 
62018The role of renewable energy to validate dynamic interaction between CO2 emissions and GDP toward sustainable development in MalaysiaBekhet, H.A. ; Othman, N.S. 
7Feb-2019Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): A Survey on Civil Applications and Key Research ChallengesShakhatreh, H. ; Sawalmeh, A.H. ; Al-Fuqaha, A. ; Dou, Z. ; Almaita, E. ; Khalil, I. ; Othman, N.S. ; Khreishah, A. ; Guizani, M. 
82019Wireless Coverage for Mobile Users in Dynamic Environments Using UAVSawalmeh, A.H. ; Othman, N.S. ; Shakhatreh, H. ; Khreishah, A. 

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Noor Shamsiah Othman Dr.
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Othman, N.S.
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