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12018Determination of Segari rock slope excavation technique using geological strength index (GSI)Roslan, R. ; Omar, R.C. ; Baharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Taha, H. ; Fared, M.M. ; Hashim, W.N.S.W. 
22016Determination of Slope Instability Using Spatially Integrated Mapping FrameworkBaharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Omar, R.C. ; Roslan, R. ; Khalid, N.H.N. ; Hanifah, M.I.M. 
32016Erosion and Soil Contamination Control Using Coconut Flakes and Plantation of Centella Asiatica and Chrysopogon ZizanioidesRoslan, R. ; Omar, R.C. ; Baharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Zulkarnain, M.S. ; Hanafiah, M.I.M. 
42018Evaluation of vege-grout treated slope by electrical resistivityBaharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Taha, H. ; Omar, R.C. ; Roslan, R. ; Buslima, F.S. ; Rizal, K. 
52016Integrated Geo Hazard Management System in Cloud Computing TechnologyHanifah, M.I.M. ; Omar, R.C. ; Khalid, N.H.N. ; Ismail, A. ; Mustapha, I.S. ; Baharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Roslan, R. ; Zalam, W.M.Z. 
62013Integrated site investigation procedure for environment protection toward sustainable developmentOmar, R.C. ; Roslan, R. ; Baharuddin, I.N.Z. 
72016Micaceous Soil Strength and Permeability Improvement Induced by Microbacteria from Vegetable WasteOmar, R.C. ; Roslan, R. ; Baharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Hanafiah, M.I.M. 
82018Study of bio-grout treated slope models under simulated rainfallOmar, R.C. ; Taha, H. ; Roslan, R. ; Baharudin, I.N.Z. 

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Rasyikin Roslan
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Roslan, R.
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