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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018The role of renewable energy to validate dynamic interaction between CO2 emissions and GDP toward sustainable development in MalaysiaBekhet, H.A. ; Othman, N.S. 
22013The influence of global financial crisis on Jordanian equity market: VECM approachBekhet, H.A. ; Matar, A. 
32016Rapid Economic Growth and Natural Gas Consumption Nexus: Looking forward from Perspective of 11th Malaysian PlanBekhet, H.A. ; Yasmin, T. 
42018Optimization techniques to enhance the performance of induction motor drives: A reviewHannan, M.A. ; Ali, J.A. ; Mohamed, A. ; Hussain, A. 
52015Modelling the structural changes sources of the Malaysian economy: I-O modelBekhet, H.A. ; Yasmin, T. 
62016Modelling the causal linkages among residential electricity consumption, gross domestic product, price of electricity, price of electric appliances, population and foreign direct investment in MalaysiaIvy-Yap, L.L. ; Bekhet, H.A. 
72015Modelling electric vehicle usage intentions: An empirical study in MalaysiaSang, Y.-N. ; Bekhet, H.A. 
82014Modelling client usage of e-statements: An empirical study in MalaysiaBekhet, H.A. ; Al-Alak, B.A.M. 
92015Investigating factors affecting co2 emissions in Malaysian road transport sectorMustapa, S.I. ; Bekhet, H.A. 
102015Investigating factors affecting co2 emissions in Malaysian road transport sectorMustapa, S.I. ; Bekhet, H.A. 
112016Impacts of energy subsidy reforms on the industrial energy structures in the Malaysian economy: A computable general equilibrium approachMohamed Yusoff, N.Y.B. ; Bekhet, H.A. 
122018Highlighting the factors of energy intensity change in Malaysia: Input-output approachBekhet, H.A. ; Abdullah, A. 
132014Highlighting energy policies and strategies for the residential sector in MalaysiaBekhet, H.A. ; Ivy-Yap, L.L. 
142015Exploring factors influencing electric vehicle usage intention: An empirical study in malaysiaSang, Y.-N. ; Bekhet, H.A. 
152013Exploring EKC, trends of growth patterns and air pollutants concentration level in Malaysia: A Nemerow Index ApproachBekhet, H.A. ; Yasmin, T. 
162015Examining the feedback response of residential electricity consumption towards changes in its determinants: Evidence from MalaysiaIvy-Yap, L.L. ; Bekhet, H.A. 
172013Evaluating the mechanism of oil price shocks and fiscal policy responses in the Malaysian economyBekhet, H.A. ; Yusoff, N.Y.M. 
182017Dynamic linkages among financial development, economic growth, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and gross fixed capital formation patterns in MalaysiaBekhet, H.A. ; Yasmin, T. ; Al-Smadi, R.W. 
192014Developing student satisfaction perception model for public and private universities in MalaysiaBekhet, H.A. ; Al-Alak, B.A. ; El-Refae, G.A. 
202014Determining key predictors influencing intention to use electric vehicles in MalaysiaSang, Y.-N. ; Bekhet, H.A. 

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Hussain A. Bekhet Prof. Dr.
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Bekhet, H.A.
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