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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Liquidity and profitability of oil and gas industry in MalaysiaIsmail, N. ; Mohamad, N.M. ; Ramli, A.A. 
22018Mediating role of E- learning resources in developing entrepreneurial inclinations amongst undergraduate students at Universiti Utara MalaysiaRamli, A. ; Shabbir, M.S. ; Bakar, M.S.B. ; Shariff, M.N.M. ; Yusof, M.S. ; Ahmad, I. 
32014Turnover intention among academics: A case study of private higher learning education in Klang ValleyRamli, A.A. ; Salahudin, S.N. ; Zainol, Z. ; Suandi, T. 

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Afdzal Aizat Ramli
Full Name
Ramli, A.A.
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