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12017Creating industry driven sustainable technical graduates: A case from MalaysiaRajadurai, J. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Daud, S. ; Abidin, N. 
22011Do business graduates' attributes fulfill industry requirements and expectations?Daud, S. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Abidin, N. ; Rajadurai, J. 
32011Enhancing university business curriculum using an importance-performance approach: A case study of the business management faculty of a university in MalaysiaDaud, S. ; Abidin, N. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Rajadurai, J. 
42019Green marketing mix strategy using modified measurement scales – a performance on Gen Y green purchasing decision in MalaysiaBathmathan, V. ; Rajadurai, J. 
52018The Impact of Institutional Pressures of Climate Change Concerns on Corporate Environmental Reporting Practices: A Descriptive Study of Malaysia’s Environmentally Sensitive Public Listed CompaniesJaaffar, A.H. ; Amran, A. ; Rajadurai, J. 
62018The Marketability of Technical Graduates from Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) Offering Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET): A Case from MalaysiaRajadurai, J. ; Sapuan, N.M. ; Daud, S. ; Abidin, N. 
72018New wave of businesses: Brick to click approach in MalaysiaIshak, N.A.M. ; Abidin, N.B. ; Rajadurai, J. 
82018Preventing accidents from reoccurring due to colour coding transition in Malaysian market: A stakeholder analysisJaaffar, A.H. ; Rajadurai, J. ; Ab. Shokor, S.S. ; Ismail, Z. ; Alwi, M.N.R. 
92006Restructuring a higher education institution: A case study from a developing countrySohail, M.S. ; Daud, S. ; Rajadurai, J. 

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