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12000Ultrasound micro-power meterOng, H.S. ; Ritenour, E.R. 
22013Smart grid: Network simulator for smart grid test-bedLai, L.C. ; Ong, H.S. ; Che, Y.X. ; Do, N.Q. ; Ong, X.J. 
32008Reliability and availability study on substation automation system based on IEC 61850Yunus, B. ; Musa, A. ; Ong, H.S. ; Khalid, A.R. ; Hashim, H. 
42013Performance comparison of BPL, EtherLoop and SHDSL technology performance on existing pilot cable circuits under the presence of induced voltageChe, Y.X. ; Ong, H.S. ; Lai, L.C. ; Karuppiah, S. ; Ong, X.J. ; Do, N.Q. 
52018Optimization of heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems: A reviewKuan, Y.N. ; Ong, H.S. 
62013Open-source testing tools for smart grid communication networkDo, N.Q. ; Ong, H.S. ; Lai, L.C. ; Che, Y.X. ; Ong, X.J. 
72016Choice of colour space in illuminance measurement with a low-cost digital cameraTay, L.C. ; Ong, H.S. 
82005A preliminary investigation on CO-simulation-emulation environment for study healthcare networkOng, H.S. ; Chow, P.K. 

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Ong, H.S.
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