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12008The effects of slotline on directivity and return loss characteristics of a planar UWB antennaBadjian, M.H. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Hock, G.C. ; Devkumar, S. 
22013Tan delta measurement of paper insulated laminates using capacitance method from 300kHz to 50MHzGhani, A.B. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Raymond, W.J.K. ; Hock, G.C. 
32008Super-heterodyne interferometer for non-contact dielectric measurements on millimeter wave materialHock, G.C. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Badjian, M.H. ; Devkumar, S. ; Emilliano 
42008Study of ultra wideband bandpass filter using electromagnetic simulatorDevkumar, S. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Hock, G.C. ; Badjian, M.H. ; Emmiliano 
52012Rapid and simple design approach of micro-strip butler matrix beam-forming network for wireless systemHock, G.C. ; Charabarty, C.K. ; Kiong, T.S. ; Heong, O.K. 
62013Radiometric partial discharge location detection in medium voltage switchgearsKannappan, M. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Hock, G.C. 
72012Performance comparison of MVDR and LCMV beamforming algorithm in 2.3 GHz adaptive antenna systemSalem, B. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Koh, S.P. ; Hock, G.C. 
82009Meandered microstrip open circuited stub with bandstop characteristicHock, G.C. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Badjian, M.H. ; Devkumar, S. 
92009Matlab modeled for real time processing of partial discharge detection using fpga technology with giga hertz data acquisitionEmilliano ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Basri, A. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Devkumar, S. ; Hock, G.C. ; Badjian, M.H. 
102009Lumped element circuit model approximation of an UWB patch antennaBadjian, M.H. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Devkumar, S. ; Hock, G.C. 
112011Low complexity user and spatial detection by using AD8313 evaluation boardHock, G.C. ; Raymond, W.J.K. ; Kiong, T.S. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. 
122014Investigation of radiation pattern and signal coverage of single element and multiple elements patch antennaGhafil, S.F. ; Kiong, T.S. ; Hock, G.C. 
132013Generalized equivalent circuit model for ultra wideband antenna structure with double steps for energy scavengingHeong, O.K. ; Hock, G.C. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Hock, G.T. 
142013Electrical field of electrical appliances versus distance: A preliminary analysisMustafa, N.B.A. ; Nordin, F.H. ; Ismail, F.A.A. ; Alkahtani, A.A. ; Balasubramaniam, N. ; Hock, G.C. ; Shariff, Z.A.M. 
152012Dissipation factor measurement of PILC insulation at UHFRaymond, W.J.K. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Hock, G.C. ; Ghani, A.B. ; Zarim, Z.A.A. 
162009Dielectric verification of FR4 substrate using microstrip bandstop resonator and CAE toolHock, G.C. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Emilliano ; Badjian, M.H. 
172011Development of wireless controller area network using low cost and low power consumption ARM microcontroller for solar car applicationHock, G.C. ; Han, C.V. ; Heong, O.K. ; Md Din, N. ; Bin Ismail, A. ; Md Jamaludin, Z. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. 
182013Detection of VLF and LF emissions of fluorescent light for efficient management of power consumptionOthman, S.S.B.S. ; Hock, G.C. ; Nordin, F.H.B. ; Mustafa, N.B.B.A. ; Balasubramaniam, N. ; Sharrif, Z.A.M. 
192011Design of patch antennas array at low frequency application by using unknown FR4 materialHock, G.C. ; Tho, N.T.N. ; Charabarty, C.K. ; Kiong, T.S. 
202006Design of a parallel coupled microstrip line bandpass filter on the RO4003C® substrateHock, G.C. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. 

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Goh Chin Hock, Dr
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Hock, G.C.
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