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12011Validation of quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model for photosensitizer activity predictionFrimayanti, N. ; Yam, M.L. ; Lee, H.B. ; Othman, R. ; Zain, S.M. ; Rahman, N.A. 
22012Transition state study of cyclization step in peptide catalyzed flavanone synthesisLee, V.S. ; Lee, Y.K. ; Frimayanti, N. ; Zain, S.M. ; Wahab, H.A. ; Rahman, N.A. 
32016QSAR, in silico docking and in vitro evaluation of chalcone derivatives as potential inhibitors for H1N1 virus neuraminidaseYaeghoobi, M. ; Frimayanti, N. ; Chee, C.F. ; Ikram, K.K. ; Najjar, B.O. ; Zain, S.M. ; Abdullah, Z. ; Wahab, H.A. ; Rahman, N.A. 
42011Fragment-based molecular design of new competitive Dengue Den2 Ns2b/Ns3 inhibitors from the components of fingerroot (Boesenbergia rotunda)Frimayanti, N. ; Zain, S.M. ; Lee, V.S. ; Wahab, H.A. ; Yusof, R. ; Rahman, N.A. 
52010Discovering new competivive dengue DEN2 NS2B/NS3 inhibitors using similarity searchingFrimayanti, N. ; Zain, S.M. ; Rahman, N.A. 
62011Design of new competitive dengue Ns2b/Ns3 protease inhibitors-a computational approachFrimayanti, N. ; Chee, C.F. ; Zain, S.M. ; Rahman, N.A. 

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Frimayanti, N.
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