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12018Acoustical comparison between /u/ and /u:/ Arabic vowels for non-native speakersAlmisreb, A.A. ; Md Tahir, N. ; Abidin, A.F. ; Md Din, N. 
22018Noise reduction approach for Arabic phonemes articulated by Malay speakersAlmisreb, A.A. ; Tahir, N.M. ; Abidin, A.F. ; Din, N.M. 
32019A rectangular CSRR based microstrip UHF reader patch antenna for RFID applicationsNorzeli, S.M. ; Ismail, I. ; Din, N.M. ; Ali, M.T. ; Almisreb, A.A. ; Alkahtani, A.A. 
42018Speech enhancement based on 2D Gabor filters for Arabic phoneme spoken by Malay SpeakersAlmisreb, A.A. ; Tahir, N.M. ; Abidin, A.F. ; Din, N.M. 
52018Utilizing AlexNet Deep Transfer Learning for Ear RecognitionAlmisreb, A.A. ; Jamil, N. ; Din, N.M. 

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Almisreb, A.A.
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