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12018Assessing climate change mitigation proposals for Malaysia: Implications for emissions and abatement costsRasiah, R. ; Al-Amin, A.Q. ; Mintz Habib, N. ; Chowdhury, A.H. ; Ramu, S.C. ; Ahmed, F. ; Filho, W.L. 
22017An assessment of the causes and consequences of agricultural land abandonment in EuropeLeal Filho, W. ; Mandel, M. ; Al-Amin, A.Q. ; Feher, A. ; Chiappetta Jabbour, C.J. 
32018Community responses to flood risk management – An empirical Investigation of the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in MalaysiaMasud, M.M ; Abdul Ghani, A.B. ; Al-Amin, A.Q. ; Ferdous Alam, A.S.A. ; Sackor, A.S 
42019COP negotiations and Malaysian climate change roadmap: a comparative assessment using a dynamic environmental modelAhmed, A. ; Al-Amin, A.Q. ; Rasiah, R. 
52019Energy sources choice and environmental sustainability disputes: an evolutional graph model approachAli, S. ; Xu, H. ; Al-amin, A.Q. ; Ahmad, N. 
62019Evaluating the impacts of climate disasters and the integration of adaptive flood risk managementAl-Amin, A.Q. ; Nagy, G.J. ; Masud, M.M. ; Filho, W.L. ; Doberstein, B. 
72019Introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: prospects and challenges for Malaysia’s transition to a low-carbon economyAl-Amin, A.Q. ; Doberstein, B. 
82019Mainstreaming climate adaptation and mitigation policy: Towards multi-level climate governance in Melaka, MalaysiaZen, I.S. ; Al-Amin, A.Q. ; Doberstein, B. 
92019Revisiting the social cost of carbon after INDC implementation in Malaysia: 2050Sarkar, M.S.K. ; Al-Amin, A.Q. ; Filho, W.L. 

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