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12018Grey Wolf optimization based power management strategy for battery storage of dfig-wecs in standalone operating modeNasir Uddin, M. ; Khairul Amin, I. ; Rezaei, N. ; Marsadek, M. 
22019Genetic algorithm based optimization of overcurrent relay coordination for improved protection of DFIG operated wind farmsRezaei, N. ; Nasir Uddin, M. ; Khairul Amin, I. ; Lutfi Othman, M. ; Marsadek, M. 
32019ANFIS based neuro-fuzzy control of dfig for wind power generation in standalone modeAmin, I.K. ; Nasir Uddin, M. ; Marsadek, M. 
42019Adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller for grid voltage dip compensations of grid connected dfig-wecsAmin, I.K. ; Nasir Uddin, M. ; Hannan, M.A. ; Alam, A.H.M.Z. 

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Nasir Uddin, M.
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