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dc.description.abstractThis research shows the investigation conducted on one of techniques that is used in Manjung 700 MW tangentially fired coal power plant. The investigation conducted in this research is finding out the right tilt angle for the burners in the boiler that causes an efficient temperature distribution and combustion gas flow pattern in the boiler especially at the rear pass section. The main outcome of the project is to determine the right tilt angle for the burner to create an efficient temperature distribution and combustion gas flow pattern that able to increase the efficiency of the boiler. The investigation is carried out by using Computational Fluid Dynamics method to obtain the results by varying the burner tilt angle. The boiler model is drawn by using designing software which is called Solid Works and Fluent from Computational Fluid Dynamics is used to conduct the analysis on the boiler model. The analysis is to imitate the real combustion process in the real Manjung 700 MW boiler. The expected results are to determine the right burner tilt angle with a computational fluid analysis by obtaining the temperature distribution and combustion gas flow pattern for each of the three angles set for the burner tilt angle in FLUENT software. Three burner tilt angles are selected which are burner tilt angle at (0°) as test case 1, burner tilt angle at (+10°) as test case 2 and burner tilt angle at (-10°) as test case 3. These entire three cases were run in CFD software and the results of temperature distribution and velocity vector were obtained to find out the changes on the three cases at the furnace and rear pass section of the boiler. The results are being compared in analysis part by plotting graphs to determine the right tilting angle that reduces the rear pass temperature. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
dc.titleResearch in Varying Burner Tilt Angle to Reduce Rear Pass Temperature in Coal Fired Boileren_US
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