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Title: Stacking Sequence Effects on Performance of Composite Laminate Structure Subjected to Multi-Axial Quasi-Static Loading
Authors: Mohamad, D. 
Syamsir, A. 
Sa'Don, S.N. 
Zahari, N.M. 
Seman, S.A.H.A. 
Razali, M.F. 
Abas, A. 
Ng, F.C. 
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Abstract: In this paper, the effects of the stacking sequence on the mechanical performance and damage formation of composite laminates subjected to multi-axial quasi-static loading is investigated, considering intra-laminar damage onset. The response of the composite laminate configurations characterized by different stacking sequences subjected to multi-axial quasi-static loading have been studied to predict the influence on the static displacement and damage development. A finite element (FE) model has been used to numerically simulate the response of the composite structure. ABAQUS/EXPLICT FE environment has been considered for the analyses and Hashin's failure criteria has been adopted using a VUMAT subroutine to model the intra-laminar damage formation in the analyzed composite structure. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.
DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/530/1/012030
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