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Title: Effects of variations in generator inputs for small signal stability studies of a three machine nine bus network
Authors: Vijiyan, H.N. 
Ramasamy, A.K. 
Teng, A.M. 
Ahmed, S.K. 
Issue Date: 2011
Journal: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Volume 74, February 2011, Pages 290-293 
Abstract: Small signal stability causes small perturbations in the generator that can cause instability in the power network. It is generally known that small signal stability are directly related to the generator and load properties. This paper examines the effects of generator input variations on power system oscillations for a small signal stability study. Eigenvaules and eigenvectors are used to examine the stability of the power system. The dynamic power system's mathematical model is constructed and thus calculated using load flow and small signal stability toolbox on MATLAB. The power system model is based on a 3-machine 9-bus system that was modified to suit this study. In this paper, Participation Factors are a means to gauge the effects of variation in generation with other parameters on the network are also incorporated.
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