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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011A computational intelligence scheme for the prediction of the daily peak loadNagi, J. ; Yap, K.S. ; Nagi, F. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Ahmed, S.K. 
22011Effects of variations in generator inputs for small signal stability studies of a three machine nine bus networkVijiyan, H.N. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Teng, A.M. ; Ahmed, S.K. 
32009Fuzzy bang-bang relay control of a single-axis active magnetic bearing systemNagi, F.H. ; Inayat-Hussain, J.I. ; Ahmed, S.K. 
42010Fuzzy bang-bang relay controller for satellite attitude control systemNagi, F. ; Ahmed, S.K. ; Zainul Abidin, A.A. ; Nordin, F.H. 
52011Fuzzy time-optimal controller (FTOC) for second order nonlinear systemsNagi, F. ; Ahmed, S.K. ; Zularnain, A.T. ; Nagi, J. 
62011Improving SVM-based nontechnical loss detection in power utility using the fuzzy inference systemNagi, J. ; Yap, K.S. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Ahmed, S.K. ; Nagi, F. 
72010Nontechnical loss detection for metered customers in power utility using support vector machinesNagi, J. ; Yap, K.S. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Ahmed, S.K. ; Mohamad, M. 

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Syed Khaleel Ahmed
Full Name
Ahmed, S.K.
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