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Title: Access control and privacy in MANET emergency environment
Authors: Bakar, A.A. 
Ghapar, A.A. 
Ismail, R. 
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) cultivate a new research trend in today's computing. With some unique features such as scalability, fault tolerant and autonomous system enable a network to be setup with or without any trusted authority. This makes MANET suitable for the emergency and rescue operations. During an emergency situation, there is a need for the data to be shared with the rescuers. However, there are some of the personal data cannot be shared to all rescuers. Thus, the privacy and security of data becomes a main concern here. This paper addresses these issues with a combination of access control mechanism and privacy policy to ensure that the privacy and security of personal data is protected accordingly. © 2014 IEEE.
DOI: 10.1109/ICCOINS.2014.6868389
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