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Title: A preliminary study on online data privacy frameworks
Authors: Rao, A.A. 
Chen, L.F. 
Dhillon, J.S. 
Issue Date: 2015
Journal: 6th International Conference on Information Technology and Multimedia, ICIMU 2014 - Putrajaya, Malaysia Duration: 18 Nov 2014 → 20 Nov 2014 
Abstract: It cannot be doubted that having a successful framework for an online environment is an exigent task due to the data privacy infringement occurring all around the globe; identities such as the leaking of personal photos, stealing online identities, online scams, bank frauds and the list keeps going and on. Do we want such a predicament to strike us while online? Is our online data privacy out of our reach? Thus ensuring online data privacy is a must for all web users due to the highly valuable personal data conveyed in identifying an individual. In this paper, we critically review three existing online privacy frameworks with regard to their applicability and the manner in which its usage can be brought into the Malaysian online environment. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these frameworks and envision a comprehensive framework that would help us in providing a clear path to reduce the major concerns and problems associated with online data privacy in Malaysia. Results from our analyses of existing frameworks indicate that they are not fully being utilized to their fullest potential. The results therein concur different objectives which mostly favour online companies instead of web users. © 2014 IEEE.
DOI: 10.1109/ICIMU.2014.7066596
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