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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A hybrid algorithm for improving the quality of service in MANETHassan, M.H. ; Mostafa, S.A. ; Budiyono, A. ; Mustapha, A. ; Gunasekaran, S.S. 
2018Review of indoor localization techniquesDin, M.M. ; Jamil, N. ; Maniam, J. ; Mohamed, M.A. 
2018Verification, validation and evaluation for quality of services of expert system for busNorhisham, S. ; Khalid, N.H.N. ; Isa, N.A.M. ; Ismail, A. ; Borhan, M.N. 
2018Norm's trust model to evaluate norms benefit awareness for norm adoption in an open agent communityItaiwi, A.K. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. 
2018Effect of rainfall to the groundwater and soil displacementKhalid, N.H.N. ; Usman, F. ; Omar, R.C. 
2018Increasing T-method accuracy through application of robust M-estimatiorHarudin, N. ; Jamaludin, K.R. ; Nabil Muhtazaruddin, M. ; Ramlie, F. ; Ismail, S.H. ; Muhamad, W.Z.A.W. ; Jaafar, N.N. 
2018Enhanced buffer management policy and packet prioritization for wireless sensor networkRabileh, A.A. ; Abu Bakar, K.A. ; Dahnil, D.P. ; Mohamed, R.R. ; Mohamed, M.A. 
2018Decision support system model for selection of best formula milk for toddlers using fuzzy multiple attribute decision makingRistiani ; Pardimin ; Teh, K.S.M. ; Fauzi, A. ; Hananto, A.L. ; Huda, M. ; Muslihudin, M. ; Shankar, K. ; Maseleno, A. 
2018Validation of S-parameter power cable joint model on two cable defect sectionsKuan, T.M. ; Sulaiman, S. ; Ariffin, A.M. ; Radhi, M.A.R. 
2018Photon: A new mix columns architecture on FPGAAbbas, Y.A. ; Jidin, R. ; Jamil, N. ; Z'aba, M.R. ; Mohamed, M.A. 
2018Embedded immune-evolutionary programming for Economic Dispatch of generators with prohibited operating zonesRazali, N.S. ; Mansor, M.H. ; Musirin, I. ; Othman, M.M. ; Akoury, M. 
2018Sorption of copper metal solution by wetland soilLiew, J.E. ; Wong, J.K. ; Chow, M.F. ; Chai, V.C. 
2018Development of transmission line failure rate model using polynomial regressionArshad, M.K.N. ; Aminudin, N. ; Marsadek, M. ; Noor, S.Z.M. ; Salimin, R.H. ; Johari, D. 
2018Chaotic Immune Symbiotic Organisms Search algorithm for solving optimisation problemZamani, M.K.M. ; Musirin, I. ; Suliman, S.I. ; Mustaffa, S.A.S. 
2018The family hope program using AHP methodAminudin, N. ; Huda, M. ; Ihwani, S.S. ; Noor, S.S.M. ; Basiron, B. ; Jasmi, K.A. ; Safar, J. ; Mohamed, A.K. ; Wan Embong, W.H. ; Mohamad, A.M. ; Maseleno, A. ; Masrur, M. ; Trisnawati ; Rohmadi, D. 
2018An electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm approach for photovoltaic system optimizationTan, J.D. ; Koh, S.P. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Ali, K. ; Koay, Y.Y. 
2018Application model of k-means clustering: Insights into promotion strategy of vocational high schoolAbadi, S. ; Mat The, K.S. ; Nasir, B.M. ; Huda, M. ; Ivanova, N.L. ; Sari, T.I. ; Maseleno, A. ; Satria, F. ; Muslihudin, M. 
2018Investigating the plant species and rainfall factors on stormwater retention performance of extensive green roofs in MalaysiaFai, C.M. ; Bakar, M.F.A. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Khai, W.J. 
2018Evaluating the performance of three classification methods in diagnosis of parkinson’s diseaseMostafa, S.A. ; Mustapha, A. ; Khaleefah, S.H. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Mohammed, M.A. 
2018A review of individual factors on knowledge sharing: Evidence from the empirical literatureShehab, S. ; Rahim, R.E.A. ; Daud, S. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 651