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dc.contributor.authorRahim, F.A.
dc.contributor.authorIsmail, Z.
dc.contributor.authorSamy, G.N.
dc.description.abstractWith the vast usage of social media in various organizations, information privacy issues have been the scrutiny to researchers as well as practitioners. In Malaysia, healthcare organization with regards to electronic medical records (EMR) need to consider privacy issues in their organization towards the compliance of Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010 which enforced on 15 November 2013. All the more, handling sensitive information through social network environment, healthcare practitioners need to deal with privacy risks. With the lack of existing literature addressing antecedents of information privacy concerns, the main objective of this study is to design a proposed information privacy concerns model in the use of social media among healthcare practitioners. We present systematic literature review (SLR) results by integrating evidence into patterns that can be used to understand the antecedents of information privacy concerns. Based on the existing researches with underpinnings of information privacy concerns, majority had focused their study at individual, organizational, and societal levels, instead of the group level. Typically, healthcare practitioners are grouped based on their job title. Consequently, the SLR results will proceed in evaluating the emerged factors towards the design of information privacy concerns model in the use of social media among healthcare practitioners. Selected Malaysian healthcare organizations will participate in this study. Ultimately, the findings of the study may assist the top management to ensure the privacy of EMR towards the compliance of PDPA 2010. © 2014 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.
dc.titleInformation privacy concerns in the use of social media among healthcare practitioners: A systematic literature review
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