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Title: Information privacy concerns in electronic healthcare records: A systematic literature review
Authors: Rahim, F.A. 
Ismail, Z. 
Samy, G.N. 
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The concerns in healthcare services is needed to deal with privacy and data security risks in handling electronic healthcare records (EHR). With the limitation of the existing literature dealing with number of factors that influence information privacy concerns in EHR, the main objective of this study is to review recent studies on information privacy concerns in EHR and then also to categorize the related factors. A total of 199 articles were extracted using a predefined search string. A quality criterion was applied on this set of articles, a total of 18 articles were determined for further analysis. Nine factors were found to influence information privacy concerns. However, two factors, namely information dissemination and computer literacy were commonly revealed as factors attributing to information privacy concerns in the healthcare domain. The unit of analysis was further examined from two perspectives; healthcare practitioners and patients. © 2013 IEEE.
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