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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2002An ergonomic investigation pertaining to work related musculoskeletal disorder problems of industrial operators in pressworking operationMeenaloshini Satgunam
Jan-2008Essential skills for library support staffAh Heng, Lee
2004Ethical perception and logic for privacy invasionDebnath, Nivedita; T. Bhal, Kanika
12-Mar-2010Ethical, Legal and professional Issue - Ethices For IT Professional - Ehtics & Technical Communications (Semester I, 2009/2010)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
22-Mar-2010Ethics & Technical Communication (Semester I, 2006/2007)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
15-Dec-2010Ethics, Legal and Professional Issues (Semester I, 2010/2011)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
27-Dec-2010Ethics,Legal and Profesional Issues (Semester II, 2009/2010)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
3-Sep-2013Eversendai Eyes Rapid Plant 'Package' JobMalaysian Reserve
10-Oct-2013Excellence RewardedThe Star (Star Special)
6Excelling in the ACCA exam.
27-May-2014Expedite Planting-up After Blackouts in 5 StatesFinancial Daily (Home Business)
1-Feb-2013Experiencing The Real WorksThe Star
17-Apr-2014Extra RE Payments Won't Affect TNBMalaysian Reserve (Money)
2-Sep-2013Eye On PV EfficiencyThe Star (StacBiz)
2004Factors that influence implementation of knowledge management and information technology infrastructure to support project performance in the construction industryAmran Rasli; M. Z. Abd Madjid; Ade Asmi
30-Jul-2013Fadilat RamadanUtusan Malaysia (Dalam Negeri)
18-Aug-2015Fadilat Ramadan- Waktu Imsak dan BerbukaUtusan Malaysia (Album Hari Ini)
29-Apr-2016Faizal berkelana ke BangladeshBerita Harian
29-Apr-2016Faizal kembali berlatih bersama skuad negaraHarian Metro
30-Apr-2016Faizal Saari berguru di BangladeshKosmo