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12018Analysis of high voltage-gain hybrid DC-DC power converter with RBFN based MPPT for renewable photovoltaic applicationsKumar, K. ; Tiwari, R. ; Babu, N.R. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Bhaskar, M.S. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
22018Boundary detection and enhancement strategy for power system bus bar stabilization-investigation under fault conditions for islanding operationPouryekta, A. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Blaabjerg, F. ; Guerrero, J.M. 
32018Comparative study of photovoltaic based power converter topologies for pumping applicationsArun Shankar, V.K. ; Umashankar, S. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Bhaskar, M.S. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Fedák, V. 
42017Control of chaos in a current mode controlled buck boost converter using weak periodic perturbation methodSriramalakshmi, P. ; Kavitha, A. ; Sanjeevikumar, P. ; Sutikno, T. ; Maroti, P.K. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
52017Design and development of a three-phase off-board electric vehicle charger prototype for power grid voltage regulationYong, J.Y. ; Fazeli, S.M. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Tan, K.M. 
62006Design, development and performance optimization of a new artificial intelligent controlled multiple-beam optical scanning moduleKoh, J.S.P. ; Aris, I.B. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Bashi, S.M. ; Marhaban, M.H. 
72017Effects of bypass diode configurations to the maximum power of photovoltaic moduleTeo, J.C. ; Tan, R.H.G. ; Mok, V.H. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Tan, C.K. 
82018Experimental Validation of a Three-Phase Off-Board Electric Vehicle Charger with New Power Grid Voltage ControlYong, J.Y. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Tan, K.M. ; Selvaraj, J. 
92017Hardware implementation and a new adaptation in the winding scheme of standard three phase induction machine to utilize for multifunctional operation: A new multifunctional induction machineBhaskar, M.S. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Sabnis, S.A. ; Mihet-Popa, L. ; Blaabjerg, F. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
102018A high gain modified SEPIC DC-to-DC boost converter for renewable energy applicationMaroti, P.K. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Bhaskar, M.S. ; Blaabjerg, F. ; Siano, P. ; Fedák, V. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
112018A Hybrid Islanding Detection Method For Distribution SystemsPouryekta, A. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
122018A hybrid moth-flame fuzzy logic controller based integrated cuk converter fed brushless DC motor for power factor correctionKamalapathi, K. ; Priyadarshi, N. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Holm-Nielsen, J.B. ; Azam, F. ; Umayal, C. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
132017Impact of distributed generation on voltage profile in radial feederSarimuthu, C.R. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Mokhlis, H. ; Agileswari, K.R. 
142018Impact of partial shading on the P-V characteristics and the maximum power of a photovoltaic stringTeo, J.C. ; Tan, R.H.G. ; Mok, V.H. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Tan, C. 
152017Improved fault ride through capability in DFIG based wind turbines using dynamic voltage restorer with combined feed-forward and feed-back controlAmalorpavaraj, R.A.J. ; Kaliannan, P. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Subramaniam, U. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
162018Integrating solar photovoltaic energy conversion systems into industrial and commercial electrical energy utilization—A surveyK, P. ; Govindarajan, U. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; T, S.O.S. ; Jeevarathinam, B. 
172018Islanding Detection and Enhancement of Microgrid PerformancePouryekta, A. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Mithulananthan, N. ; Arulampalam, A. 
182017Minimization of load variance in power grids-investigation on optimal vehicle-to-grid schedulingTan, K.M. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Yong, J.Y. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Mihet-Popa, L. ; Blaabjerg, F. 
192017Mitigating techniques for the operational challenges of a standalone hybrid system integrating renewable energy sourcesArul, P.G. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
202018Modified (2/1-k) output gain Ćuk DC-to-DC converter circuit for renewable power applicationsOzsoy, E. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Oluwafemi, A.W. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Sutikno, T. 

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