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12014Classification of electrical appliances using magnetic field and probabilistic neural networkRosdi, N.A.M. ; Nordin, F.H. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Mustafa, N.B.A. 
22011Effects of variations in generator inputs for small signal stability studies of a three machine nine bus networkVijiyan, H.N. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Teng, A.M. ; Ahmed, S.K. 
32010FPGA simulation of AD converter by using Giga Hertz speed data acquisition for partial discharge detectionEmilliano ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Basri, A. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Ping, L.C. 
42009Matlab modeled for real time processing of partial discharge detection using fpga technology with giga hertz data acquisitionEmilliano ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Basri, A. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Devkumar, S. ; Hock, G.C. ; Badjian, M.H. 
52016Performance analysis of the DigSILENT PV model connected to a modelled malaysian distribution networkPerumal, P. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Teng, A.M. 
62015Performance evaluation of doped titanium oxide for low-voltage applicationsBegum, S. ; Daud, I.R. ; Ramasamy, A. 
72017Risk of transient stability using rotor trajectory index as severity functionElghali, E.B. ; Marsadek, M. ; Ramasamy, A.K. 
82017Small signal stability analysis of grid connected photovoltaicAun, S.L.Z. ; Marsadek, M.B. ; Ramasamy, A.K. 

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Ramasamy, A.K.
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