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12014The effect of crumb rubber particle size to the optimum binder content for open graded friction courseIbrahim, M.R. ; Katman, H.Y. ; Karim, M.R. ; Koting, S. ; Mashaan, N.S. 
22016Effect of Rubberized Bitumen Blending Methods on Permanent Deformation of SMA Rubberized Asphalt MixturesKatman, H.Y. ; Ibrahim, M.R. ; Karim, M.R. ; Koting, S. ; Mashaan, N.S. 
32014Effects of using silica fume and polycarboxylate-type superplasticizer on physical properties of cementitious grout mixtures for semiflexible pavement surfacingKoting, S. ; Karim, M.R. ; Mahmud, H. ; Mashaan, N.S. ; Ibrahim, M.R. ; Katman, H. ; Husain, N.M. 
42014Evaluation of fatigue life of CRM-reinforced SMA and its relationship to dynamic stiffnessMashaan, N.S. ; Karim, M.R. ; Abdel Aziz, M. ; Ibrahim, M.R. ; Katman, H.Y. ; Koting, S. 
52015Evaluation of permanent deformation of unmodified and rubber-reinforced SMA asphalt mixtures using dynamic creep testKatman, H.Y. ; Ibrahim, M.R. ; Karim, M.R. ; Salim Mashaan, N. ; Koting, S. 
62018Fabrication techniques and morphological analysis of perovskite absorber layer for high-efficiency perovskite solar cell: A reviewJamal, M.S. ; Bashar, M.S. ; Hasan, A.K.M. ; Almutairi, Z.A. ; Alharbi, H.F. ; Alharthi, N.H. ; Karim, M.R. ; Misran, H. ; Amin, N. ; Sopian, K.B. ; Akhtaruzzaman, M. 
72018Impact of Cu incorporation to the cdte thin film properties for photovoltaic applicationRahman, K.S. ; Aris, K.A. ; Karim, M.R. ; Aijaz, M.O. ; Dar, M.A. ; Shar, M.A. ; Misran, H. ; Amin, N. 
82013A review on the effect of crumb rubber addition to the rheology of crumb rubber modified bitumenIbrahim, M.R. ; Katman, H.Y. ; Karim, M.R. ; Koting, S. ; Mashaan, N.S. 

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Karim, M.R.
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