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120171700 nm and 1800 nm band tunable thulium doped mode-locked fiber lasersEmami, S.D. ; Dashtabi, M.M. ; Lee, H.J. ; Arabanian, A.S. ; Rashid, H.A.A. 
22018Effect of coil turns in 4-coils system for mid-range wireless power transferTan, S.Y. ; Lee, H.J. 
32017Effects of anodisation parameters on thin film properties: a reviewWong, Y.H. ; Affendy, M.G. ; Lau, S.K. ; Teh, P.C. ; Lee, H.J. ; Tan, C.Y. ; Ramesh, S. 
42016Fiber modeling and simulation of effective refractive index for tapered fiber with finite element methodLee, H.J. ; Abdullah, F. ; Emami, S.D. ; Ismail, A. 
52017Investigation of the effect of anodization time and annealing temperature on the physical properties of ZrO2 thin film on a Si substrateGoh, K.H. ; Lee, H.J. ; Lau, S.K. ; Teh, P.C. ; Ramesh, S. ; Tan, C.Y. ; Wong, Y.H. 
62018Label-free Dengue E protein detection using a functionalized tapered optical fiber sensorMustapha Kamil, Y. ; Abu Bakar, M.H. ; Mustapa, M.A. ; Yaacob, M.H. ; Abidin, N.H.Z. ; Syahir, A. ; Lee, H.J. ; Mahdi, M.A. 

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Hui Jing Lee
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Lee, H.J.
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