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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Biomass carbon stock change from major crops cultivated on agricultural land in SarawakPeng, E.K. ; Malek, M.A. 
22015A comparative study of clonal selection algorithm for effluent removal forecasting in septic sludge treatment plantChun, T.S. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ismail, A.R. 
32018Descriptive modeling for methane emission from three major livestock in SarawakKiat, P.E. ; Malek, M.A. ; Shamsuddin, S.M. 
42018Determination of the most significant fault parameters for Manila Trench earthquake tsunamiAziz, A.F. ; Mardi, N.H. ; Malek, M.A. ; Tan, W.K. ; Teh, S.Y. 
52016Empirical Penman-Monteith equation and artificial intelligence techniques in predicting reference evapotranspiration: A reviewAbdullah, S.S. ; Malek, M.A. 
62018Evolutionary algorithm for forecastng mean sea level based on meta-heuristic approachLai, V. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; Malek, M.A. ; El-Shafie, A. 
72015Immune network algorithm in monthly streamflow prediction at Johor riverAli, N.I.M. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ismail, A.R. 
82017Master-leader-slave cuckoo search with parameter control for ANN optimization and its real-world application to water quality predictionJaddi, N.S. ; Abdullah, S. ; Malek, M.A. 
92018A review of structural equation model for construction delay studyRamli, M.Z. ; Malek, M.A. ; Muda, M.Z. ; Talib, Z.A. ; Azman, N.S. ; Fu'ad, N.F.S.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Katman, H.Y. 
102018A review on characterization of sediments for Green bricks productionEan, L.W. ; Malek, M.A. ; Mohammed, B.S. ; Tang, C.-W. ; Bong, P.X.H. 
112018A review on Water Footprint Assessment and Water-Food-Energy nexus for electronic and food productsBong, P.X.H. ; Malek, M.A. ; Noor, Z.Z. 
122018Study of factors influencing construction delays at rural area in MalaysiaRamli, M.Z. ; Malek, M.A. ; Hanipah, M.H. ; Lin, C.L. ; Mahamad Sukri, M.F. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Zainal Abidin, M.Z. ; Mohamad Fuad, N.F.S. 
132017Tsunami simulation due to seaquake at Manila Trench and Sulu TrenchMardi, N.H. ; Malek, M.A. ; Liew, M.S. 
142015Utilization of artificial immune system in prediction of paddy productionKhidzir, A.B.M. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ismail, A.R. ; Juneng, L. ; Chun, T.S. 
152018Water footprint assessment and Water-Energy-Food Nexus for domestic and institutional sectors in Klang Valley, Malaysia: A reviewSafie, N.A. ; Malek, M.A. ; Noor, Z.Z. 
162018Water Supply Treatment Sustainability of Semambu Water Supply Treatment Process - Water Footprint ApproachAziz, E.A. ; Malek, M.A. ; Moni, S.N. ; Hadi, I.H. ; Zulkifli, N.F. 

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Marlinda Abdul Malek Prof. Ir. Dr.
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Malek, M.A.
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