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12013Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of nanoencapsulated phase change materials via sol-gel methodTahan Latibari, S. ; Mehrali, M. ; Indra Mahlia, T.M. ; Cornelis Metselaar, H.S. 
22013Preparation and properties of highly conductive palmitic acid/graphene oxide composites as thermal energy storage materialsMehrali, M. ; Latibari, S.T. ; Indra Mahlia, T.M. ; Cornelis Metselaar, H.S. 
32013Preparation and characterization of palmitic acid/graphene nanoplatelets composite with remarkable thermal conductivity as a novel shape-stabilized phase change materialMehrali, M. ; Latibari, S.T. ; Indra Mahlia, T.M. ; Cornelis Metselaar, H.S. ; Naghavi, M.S. ; Sadeghinezhad, E. ; Akhiani, A.R. 
42012Organosulfonic acid functionalized zeolite ZSM-5 as temperature tolerant proton conducting materialNur, H. ; Kee, G.L. ; Hamdan, H. ; Indra Mahlia, T.M. ; Efendi, J. ; Cornelis Metselaar, H.S. 
52014Effect of carbon nanospheres on shape stabilization and thermal behavior of phase change materials for thermal energy storageMehrali, M. ; Tahan Latibari, S. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Cornelis Metselaar, H.S. 

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Cornelis Metselaar, H.S.
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