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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Design of tool for generating UML analysis class diagramSalleh, F.H.M. ; Ibrahim, N. ; Ling, L.Y. 
22019Exploring multimedia-based active learning pedagogy: An empirical researchGani, A.A. ; Ibrahim, N. ; Khaerudin ; Jandra, M. ; Huda, M. ; Maseleno, A. 
32017Modeling in Energy Sector: A Comparison Between Developing and Developed CountriesCoyard, V. ; Darras, L. ; Ahmad, A.R. ; Hashim, W. ; Ibrahim, N.A.I. 
42006Reservation through image visualizationRusli, M.E.B. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Ibrahim, N. 
52018The role of organizational factors to the effectiveness of ISMS implementation in Malaysian Public SectorIbrahim, N. ; Ali, N. 
62019Virtual reality application for stress therapy: Issues and challengesZaharuddin, F.A. ; Ibrahim, N. ; Mahidin, E.M. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Ezaneerusli, M. 
72008Virtual reality approach in treating acrophobia: Simulating height in virtual environmentIbrahim, N. ; Muhamad Balbed, M.A. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Mohammed Salleh, F.H. ; Singh, J. ; Shahidan, M.S. 

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Ibrahim, N.A.I.
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