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12015Vegetation height estimation near power transmission poles via satellite stereo images using 3D depth estimation algorithmsQayyum, A. ; Malik, A.S. ; Saad, M.N.M. ; Iqbal, M. ; Abdullah, F. ; Rahseed, W. ; Abdullah, T.A.R.B.T. ; Ramli, A.Q. 
22012Using a PSCAD simulation software in calculating the probability of surge protective devices failure in an installation served by overhead linesHamzah, I. ; Ramli, A.Q. 
32012Teleprotection simulation lab: Understanding the performance of telecommunication aided protection systems under impaired telecommunication network conditionsYusof, H.A. ; Musa, A. ; Ramli, A.Q. ; Ridwan, M.I. 
42015Power lines vegetation enchroachment monitoring based on satellite stereo images using stereo matchingQayyum, A. ; Malik, A.S. ; Saad, M.N.M. ; Iqbal, M. ; Abdullah, M.F. ; Abdullah, T.A.R.B.T. ; Ramli, A.Q. 
52015Monitoring of vegetation near power lines based on dynamic programming using satellite stereo imagesQayyum, A. ; Malik, A.S. ; Mohamad Saad, M.N. ; Iqbal, M. ; Ahmad, R.F. ; Tuan Abdullah, T.A.R.B. ; Ramli, A.Q. 
62010Incipient fault detection in 33/11kV power transformers by using combined Dissolved Gas Analysis technique and acoustic partial discharge measurement and validated through untankingSamsudin, M.R. ; Ramli, A.Q. ; Berhanuddin, A. ; Yang, Y.Z. 
72009Field experience of transformer untanking to identify electrical faults and comparison with dissolved gas analysisSamsudin, R. ; Ramli, A.Q. ; Berhanuddin, A. ; Zaidey, Y. 
82003Eliminating White Noises from Acoustic Discharge Signals Using Adaptive Filter TechniquesRamli, A.Q. ; Wang, Z.D. 
92010Detection of acoustic emission signals from partial discharge sources in oil-pressboard insulation systemThayoob, Y.H.M. ; Abidin, N.F. ; Zakaria, Z. ; Ramli, A.Q. ; Lee, C.M. 
102012Design of outer rotor single phase squirrel cage induction motorMohammed, K.G. ; Ramli, A.Q. ; Ungku Amirulddin, U.A. 
112009Correlation of partial discharge occurrence in power transformer by using self organizing map, acoustic partial discharge and DGASamsudinl, R. ; Sk, T. ; Ramli, A.Q. 
122015Analyzing the performance of completed designed outer rotor single phase induction motorMohammed, K.G. ; Ramli, A.Q. 
132013A novel design of DC-AC electrical machine rotary converter for hybrid solar and wind energy applicationsMohammed, K.G. ; Ramli, A.Q. ; Amirulddin, U.A.U. 
142013A new approach in designing a small three-phase synchronous machineMohammed, K.G. ; Ramli, A.Q. ; Amirulddin, U.A.U. 

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Ahmad Qisti Ramli Assoc. Prof. Dr.
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Ramli, A.Q.
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