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12011Validity and inherent viscosity of the quiet direct simulation methodJermy, M.C. ; Lim, C.-W. ; Cave, H.M. 
22013The direction decoupled Quiet Direct Simulation method for rapid simulation of axisymmetric inviscid unsteady flow in pulsed pressure chemical vapour depositionLim, C.W. ; Smith, M.R. ; Cave, H.M. ; Jermy, M.C. ; Wu, J.-S. ; Krumdieck, S.P. 
32011Multi-Species fluxes for the parallel quiet direct simulation (QDS) methodCave, H.M. ; Lim, C.-W. ; Jermy, M.C. ; Krumdieck, S.P. ; Smith, M.R. ; Lin, Y.-J. ; Wu, J.-S. 
42009Liquid droplet evaporation in simulations of the flow in pulsed-pressure MOCVDLim, C.-W. ; Cave, H.M. ; Jermy, M.C. ; Krumdieck, S.P. 
52009CVD flow field modeling using the Quiet Direct Simulation (QDS) methodCave, H.M. ; Lim, C.-W. ; Jermy, M.C. ; Wu, J.-S. ; Smith, M.R. ; Krumdieck, S.P. 
62011An approximate method for solving unsteady transitional and rarefied flow regimes in pulsed pressure chemical vapor deposition process using the quiet direct simulation methodLim, C.W. ; Cave, H.M. ; Jermy, M.C. ; Krumdieck, S.P. ; Wu, J.-S. 

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Cave, H.M.
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