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12019Artificial neural network approach for modelling of mercury ions removal from water using functionalized CNTs with deep eutectic solventFiyadh, S.S. ; Alomar, M.K. ; Jaafar, W.Z.B. ; Alsaadi, M.A. ; Fayaed, S.S. ; Koting, S.B. ; Lai, S.H. ; Chow, M.F. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; El-Shafie, A. 
22018The effect of green roof configurations on runoff retention performanceChow, M.F. ; Bakar, M.F.A. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Basri, H. 
32017Long term trends and dynamics of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in a subtropical Reservoir basinChow, M.F. ; Lai, C.-C. ; Kuo, H.-Y. ; Lin, C.-H. ; Chen, T.-Y. ; Shiah, F.-K. 
42017Phosphorus dynamics along river continuum during typhoon storm eventsChow, M.F. ; Huang, J.-C. ; Shiah, F.-K. 
52018Quantification of mains water savings from decentralised rainwater, greywater, and hybrid rainwater-greywater systems in tropical climatic conditionsLeong, J.Y.C. ; Chong, M.N. ; Poh, P.E. ; Vieritz, A. ; Talei, A. ; Chow, M.F. 
62017Quantifying the quality and sampling time of oil and grease in urban stormwater runoffChow, M.F. ; Yusop, Z. 
72017Review of development and applications of Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS) for flood forecasting in insufficiently-gauged catchmentsChow, M.F. ; Jamil, M.M. 
82018Sorption of copper metal solution by wetland soilLiew, J.E. ; Wong, J.K. ; Chow, M.F. ; Chai, V.C. 

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Ming Fai Chow Dr.
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Chow, M.F.
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