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12017Business excellence: the managerial and value-creation efficiencies of the insurance companiesNourani, M. ; Devadason, E.S. ; Kweh, Q.L. ; Lu, W.-M. 
22018Corporate diversification and efficiency: evidence from Taiwanese top 100 manufacturing firmsWang, W.-K. ; Ting, I.W.K. ; Kuo, K.-C. ; Kweh, Q.L. ; Lin, Y.-H. 
32017Decentralized and concentrated investments in China and the performance of Taiwanese listed electronic companiesWang, W.-K. ; Lu, W.-M. ; Kweh, Q.L. ; Liu, Y.-L. 
42017Dynamic network performance evaluation of general insurance companies: an insight into risk management committee structureKuo, K.-C. ; Kweh, Q.L. ; Ting, I.W.K. ; Azizan, N.A. 
52017Environmental, social and governance and the efficiency of government-linked companies in MalaysiaKweh, Q.L. ; Alrazi, B. ; Chan, Y.C. ; Abdullah, W.M.T.W. ; Lee, R.M.A. 
62017Ownership concentration, dividend payout and firm performance: The case of MalaysiaTing, I.W.K. ; Kweh, Q.L. ; Somosundaram, K. 
72018Risk management and dynamic network performance: an illustration using a dual banking systemKweh, Q.L. ; Lu, W.-M. ; Nourani, M. ; Ghazali Mohd Zain, M.H. 

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Kweh, Q.L.
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