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12012Overview control strategies of series, shunt, series/shunt FACTS devices for three stability functions of power systemTaghizadeh, S.F. ; Younis, M.A.A. ; Nikouei, B. ; Tan Nadia, M.L. ; Mekhilef, S. 
22014Dynamic voltage restorer using the combination of fuzzy logic and EPLL control strategies: An optimized implementationTaghizadeh, S.F. ; Tan, N.M.L. ; Nikouei, B. ; Younis, M.A.A. 
32015Design of a 27-level cascaded converter as FACTS device for voltage sag mitigationNikouei, B. ; Tan, N.M.L. ; Taghizadeh, S.F. ; Younis, M.A.A. 
42015Battery energy storage system for PV output leveling based on bidirectional isolated DC-DC converterSingh, R. ; Taghizadeh, S.F. ; Tan, N.M.L. 

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Taghizadeh, S.F.
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