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Title: The effects of Trigger Mechanism on the Energy Absorption of Thin-Walled Rectangular Steel Tubes
Authors: Omar Zaroog 
Jamal Sameer 
Samer F 
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The current study examines the energy absorber capacities of mild steel A36 material in frontal longitudinal members of the crashworthiness applications. The mild steel was subject of various studies because of its good mechanical properties, which helps to increase the energy absorber properties for crashworthiness application. The simulations were based on the non-linear finite element (ABAQUC CAD 6.10). The thin walled rectangular tube, enhanced by trigger mechanism, was subjected to direct loading. Elliptical, square, and circular trigger geometries were combined with different trigger positions and reductions. The best achieved result was the energy absorption enhanced by 8.9%, and the CFE enhanced by 7.3%, which results contributes to the safety of the passengers. This outcome has been given by the elliptical trigger situated at the distance of 40 mm from the free end of the tube with 10% reduction.
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