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Title: Characterizations of The Exposed Metal-Organic Framework (MOF-199) Materials
Authors: Arman Meshkinnejad 
Halina Misran 
Nurfatihah Mahadi 
Issue Date: 2015
Conference: The 3rd National Graduate Conference (NatGrad2015), Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Putrajaya Campus, 8-9 April 2015 
Abstract: In this study, the MOF-199 samples without fatty alcohol (Without FA), with addition of octyl (C8) and decyl (C10) fatty alcohol were exposed in environment for 24 hours at room temperature and 80 to 90% humidity. The exposed MOF-199 samples were characterized in terms of structure, morphology, adsorption isotherm and surface area. The crystallinity and morphology of the exposed C10 acted more stable than the other exposed samples. Moreover, the exposed sample with C10 fatty alcohol contains higher surface area than the other exposed samples.
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