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Title: The design of fuzzy expert system implementation for analyzing transmissible disease of human
Authors: Fauzi 
Huda, M. 
Teh, K.S.M. 
Haroon, Z. 
Ripin, M.N. 
Hehsan, A. 
Abas, H. 
Hehsan, M.R. 
Irawan, J. 
Abadi, S. 
Maseleno, A. 
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The problem faced in the medical world is that decision makers to determine the disease still use manual method by doctor, even though doctor as human has a natural weakness, namely fatigue and limited physical consequences, it can be misdiagnosed, slow, sometimes uncertain, as well as transmissible disease of humans. To solve this problem, the writer conducted research for decision makers to determine transmissible disease of human using the forward chaining method in determining the initial prediction of a disease after the patient enters the symptoms. Then from the prediction of the initial disease, the software used backward chaining method in asking for other symptoms that the patient had not entered. This software was created by using the Fuzzy Set method in processing data on a knowledge-based system. Fuzzy method recognized the truth partially, this is very useful so that the system made has intelligence like human. © 2018, Advanced Scientific Research. All rights reserved.
DOI: 10.31838/ijpr/2018.10.04.011
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