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Title: Future oil and gas students’ attitude to healthy lifestyle and their participation in the implementation of Russian physical educational complex ready for labor and defense» (Rld) normatives
Authors: Ivanova, N.L. 
Sinyavsky, N.I. 
Fursov, A.V. 
Denisova, O.P. 
Maseleno, A. 
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The problems of motivation to conduct a healthy lifestyle and meet the standards of the RLD complex, which are currently relevant, in connection with the introduction of the Russian physical culture and sports complex.In this paper, the authors present the results of a sociological study of oil and gas students of Tyumen Industrial University, the branch of the IUT in the city of Surgut. 101 respondents were involved in the questionnaire. The results of the research can be used as an information basis for developing a strategy in the field of preserving and improving the health of students, future oil workers, in enhancing the role and place of physical culture and sports in shaping the value potential of a person's physical culture. As a result of sociological research, it was revealed that students of future oil workers do not associate physical education with their professional activities, do not understand the conduct of a healthy lifestyle for their own health, active sports have not yet become a personal value. Factors and motives influencing the desire of students of future oilmen to compete when passing the standards of the RLD are revealed. It is noted that the acceptance of the RLD standards should be carried out in the form of festivals, sporting events, involving student self-activity and performances by athletes. © BEIESP.
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