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Title: Strategic management and competitive advantage: concepts and cases, Global Edition
Authors: Jay B. Barney, William S. Hesterly. 
Keywords: Management.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Pearson
Abstract: The first thing you will notice as you look through this edition of our book is that it continues to be much shorter than most textbooks on strategic management. There is not the usual “later edition” increase in number of pages and bulk. We’re strong proponents of the philosophy that, often, less is more. The general tendency is for textbooks to get longer and longer as authors make sure that their books leave out nothing that is in other books. We take a different approach. Our guiding principle in deciding what to include is: “Does this concept help students analyze cases and real business situations?” For many concepts we considered, the answer is no. But, where the answer is yes, the concept is in the book. New to This Edition This edition includes many new chapter-opening cases, including: • Chapter 1: A case on the video app “Angry Birds” • Chapter 2: A case on the music streaming industry • Chapter 3: A case on how Google keeps going • Chapter 8: A case on Berkshire-Hathaway’s corporate strategy • Chapter 9: A case on the alliance between Apple and Samsung • Chapter 10: A case on Google’s acquisition strategy • Chapter 11: A case on the infant formula business in China All the other opening cases have been reused and updated, along with all the examples throughout the book. Two newer topics in the field have also been included in this edition of the book: the business model canvas (in Chapter 1) and blue ocean strategies (in Chapter 5). This edition features several new and updated cases, including: • You Say You Want a Revolution: Soda Stream International • True Religion Jeans: Will Going Private Help It Regain Its Congregation? • Walmart: Walmart Stores, Inc., in 2013 • Air Asia X: Can the Low Cost Model Go Long Haul? • RyanAir—The Low Fares Airline: Whither Now? • Papa John’s International, Inc. • e-Bay’s Outsourcing Strategy • National Hockey League Enterprises Canada: A Retail Proposal • Starbucks: An Alex Poole Strategy Case • Rayovac Corporation: International Growth and Diversification Through Acquisitions.
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