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Title: Predicting size reduction of shell and tube heat recovery exchanger operated with nanofluids based coolants and its associated energy saving
Authors: Leong, K.Y. 
Saidur, R. 
Mahlia, T.M.I. 
Yau, Y.H. 
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Bigger and bulkier thermal system with wider heat transfer area provides improvement to heat transfer process. The size of thermal system will in turn directly impact on material cost and quantity of energy required in the course of material processing. This study is carried out with the intention to estimate the opportunity to design a compact and smaller size of heat exchanger without jeopardizing the performance of the system. Focus will be on the geometric size of shell and tube heat recovery exchanger operated using nanofluids as compared to base fluids. To investigate the geometric size of the heat exchanger, nanofluids properties and correlations obtained from literatures are used. Findings implied that 7.1% and 5.6% heat transfer area reduction can be made for shell and tube heat recovery exchanger operated using ethylene glycol based 1% copper nanofluids and water based 2.5% copper nanofluids, respectively. In addition energy saving for shell and tube heat exchanger's material processing also has been estimated. © Sila Science.
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