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Title: A global review of success story on implementation of fuel economy standard for passenger cars: Lesson for other countries
Authors: Mahlia, T.M.I. 
Tohno, S. 
Tezuka, T. 
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Light duty vehicles are the highest number vehicle in the transport sector in the most countries. Therefore light heavy duty vehicles account for significant share of the total energy consumption growth. In order to reduce energy growth, the authority should consider implementing fuel economy standard for a passenger car sometimes in the coming year. This paper discusses some success stories on implementation of fuel economy standard around the world. This can be used as lesson for other countries who wants to implement the program successfully. It is found that some of the method can be directly adapted to other countries and some other need to be modified to make it suitable with that particular country. This is due to each country has its own characteristics, energy policy, car manufactures, infrastructure and cultures. © Sila Science.
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