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Title: S-box optimisation using heuristic methods
Authors: Isa, H. 
Jamil, N. 
Z'Aba, M.R. 
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Isa et al. (2013, 2016) proposed two heuristic algorithms (redundancy removal and bee waggle dance) to construct cryptographically strong substitution boxes (S-boxes). The resulting S-boxes produced by these algorithms are suitable for cryptographic use. Inspired by their work, this paper explores a new method to optimise an S-box by integrating these two algorithms. Our experiments show that at least three cryptographically strong S-boxes can be produced by the new method. The results also improves upon a previous construction by Mamadolimov et al. (2013) which utilises the redundancy removal algorithm. © 2016, Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM). All rights reserved.
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