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Title: Online file storage system
Authors: Rou, T.K. 
Al-Tahat, K.S. 
Hassan, Z.B. 
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: As computers become an increasing part of our lives at work, at home, and even while traveling, growth of the Internet has brought about a revolution in our daily lives with sophisticated online applications that provide us with tremendous ease of communication. The Internet offers a number of services ranging from mail servers and list servers to Web-based workgroup tools. With the increasing need to transfer and store digital data, Web-based file storage options have become popular among Web communities. A variety of storage formats is available over the Net, from free Web page servers to online photo galleries and online personal storage space. These storage options generally allow the storage and retrieval of data online. While most of these sites continue to focus on offering free Web sites and home pages, we have developed an online virtual space file storage system. This system is particularly customized to university and college communities. The file storage system helps people from different domains (e.g. students and lecturers) to manage, access, share and backup their files online, easily, efficiently and reliably. This paper describes features implemented in this system as a solution to handling floppies, storage limitation and unreliable copies of data. © 2002 IEEE.
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