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Title: Best weight pattern evaluation based security constrained power dispatch algorithm
Authors: Singh, L. 
Dhillon, J.S. 
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: This paper presents a methodology which determines the allocation of power demand among the committed generating units while minimizes number of objectives as well as meets physical and technological system constraints. The procedure considers two decoupled problems based upon the dependency of their goals on either active power or reactive power generation. Both the problems have been solved sequentially to achieve optimal allocation of active and reactive power generation while minimizes operating cost, gaseous pollutants emission objectives and active power transmission loss with consideration of system operating constraints along with generators prohibited operating zones and transmission line flow limits. The active and reactive power line flows are obtained with the help of generalized generation shift distribution factors (GGDF) and generalized Z-bus distribution factors (GZBDF), respectively. First problem is solved in multi-objective framework in which the best weights assigned to objectives are determined while employing weighting method and in second problem, active power loss of the system is minimized subject to system constraints. The validity of the proposed method is demonstrated on 30-bus IEEE power system. © 2007 Systems Engineering Society of China & Springer-Verlag.
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